Hailing from Birmingham UK The Terrorsaurs are trailblazers of instrumental Rock ‘n’ Roll. Originally founded by Ian B (King Fink), some early recordings were released by WILD records and a fledging line-up played a handful of dates but the band evolved with the recruitment of new personnel in 2015. The Terrorsaurs sound became a unique mix of garage, surf and classic heaviness indefinable by any genre save that of pure Rock ‘n’ Roll and their notoriously theatrical live show has taken them all over the globe. This vital energy is perfectly captured by the studio output recorded at WILD studios, Hollywood CA. The ‘One Night Only’ and ‘Swamp Beat’ albums together with the ‘Crab Walk’ vinyl 45 establish a raw, hard edged sound which is fully realised on the double vinyl LP ‘Alive or Dead’ (released early 2019). With twelve USA and European tours already behind them The Terrorsaurs worldwide train rolls on, check the tour page to catch the Swamp Stage…..KUTANGA!

Crawlin’ King Fink – Bass & Shouts        El Demonio – Guitar         Dogtanian – Drums

The Terrorsaurs acknowledge the contribution of percussionist Big J who performed nearly 300 shows worldwide between Nov 2014 – April 2018



The Terrorsaurs are a registered Trademark. Any unauthorized use of name, musical content, imagery, stage costumes/persona, merchandise, is strictly forbidden. Support independent music DON’T kill it!  Thanks folks.  Ian B- The Terrorsaurs (Crown Patent Intellectual property trademark Ref  UK00003144105)