The Terrorsaurs are a instrumental Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Birmingham UK founded by bass player Ian B (King Fink). California label WILD records initially released some early recordings but personnel fluctuated until the classic line-up emerged in mid 2015. Since then they’ve toured continuously throughout UK, Europe & USA. Fuelled by a high energy mix of garage, surf and classic heaviness their notorious live show has wrecked stages across the globe backed by the studio output recorded at WILD studios, Hollywood CA. The ‘One Night Only’ album released in 2016 establishes a raw, hard edged sound which is fully realised on 2017’s ‘Swamp Beat’ album and ‘Crab Walk’ vinyl 45. The Terrorsaurs are the trailblazers of savage instrumental R ‘n’ R, check the tour page to catch the Swamp Stage…..KUTANGA!

Crawlin’ King Fink – Bass & Shouts        El Demonio – Guitar         Big J – Drums

Special appearances by Deano Double O – Drums & Miss Khandie Khisses – WILD Burlesque

The Terrorsaurs are a registered Trademark. Any unauthorized use of name, musical content, imagery, stage costumes/persona, merchandise, is strictly forbidden. Support independent music DON’T kill it!  Thanks folks.  Ian B- The Terrorsaurs (Crown Patent Intellectual property trademark Ref  UK00003144105)